Alan Chadwick a Gardener of Souls

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Alan Chadwick


If you worked with Alan Chadwick for any length of time, we would like to hear from you. Our intention is to publish profiles of as many former apprentces who care to participate, partly so that we can communicate with each other, and also to see what kind of impact Alan's work has had on the world. Feel free to use the format suggested below or any other that you feel comfortable with. Don't be bashful! Thank you.

Alan Chadwick in Santa Cruz


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Dates and places you worked with Alan Chadwick

What led you to the garden, and how did you decide to become a Chadwick apprentice?

What are some of the more memorable incidents involving Alan or other aspects of the garden? (Ignore this, or make it as long as you like.)

Who were some of the other principal co-workers at the time you were an apprentice?

Did you have a specific responsibility, or was your work more general?

What have you done with yourself since working with Alan? (Feel free to be expansive here; we are interested, especially if your work is somehow connected with, or inspired by, your experiences in the garden.)

How, if at all, has your work been influenced by your experiences working with Alan?

How, if at all, has your outlook on the world been influenced by Alan’s ideas and activities?

Do you have any personal accomplishments that you are proud of and would be willing to share?

Spreading Oak Tree near the coast of Northern California
Do you have a photograph of yourself taken at or near the time you worked in the garden. If so, please send a digital copy of it, if you are willing. A current photo would also be appreciated but, of course, nothing is mandatory!

Is there a website that you could point us to that illustrates the work you are doing now, or have done?

Are you still in contact with other former Chadwick students? Would you be willing to send contact information? (Note: no contact information will be published without the consent of the person involved.)

Anything else you care to add?


Please email this information to the address given on the "Contact" page. Thank you for participating.