Alan Chadwick and Joseline Stauffacher in Santa Cruz

Alan Chadwick a Gardener of Souls

Stephen Decater Remembers Alan Chadwick, Part 3


The third part of Stephen's interview with Greg Haynes in July, 2012. Alan's letter of invitation for Stephen to join the new project at Covelo in 1973. Alan's sensitivity and reaction to people who lacked respect for nature and all of life. His tirades explained. Alan cared very deeply for plants and for human beings, but was intolerant toward those who were oblivious and insensitive. Generations of work necessary to establish a farm or garden. Protecting that work through partnership with a land trust and through implementing a conservation easement. Beginning the farm in Covelo that eventually became Live Power Community Farm. Richard Wilson's help in acquiring the land. Alan's departure and his new project in Virginia. Transition in Covelo from a teaching garden to a production market garden, and the challenges of that change process. Initiating the C.S.A. Problems with that designation. The ideal relationship between producers and consumers is an associative one, rather than an adversary one. Details of how that can work. (19:20)




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