Alan Chadwick a Gardener of Souls

New World Utopias


A Photographic History of the Search for Community

By Paul Kagan



[ Ed. note: This book, published in 1975, contains a chapter on the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center that was operated by the San Francisco Zen Center. Included within that chapter is this photograph of a scene at Green Gulch from the year 1972. The caption from the photo is given below as it was printed on page 173 of New World Utopias with a reference to Alan Chadwick. Needless to say, the person giving the demonstration is not Alan, but rather Allen Kalpin who, with Peter Jorris, was a Chadwick staff member during the earliest period of that project. Peter stands in the foreground with his back to the camera, with Patricia Buttitta standing in profile to his right. ]


A scene at Green Gulch Farm in 1972

"Alan Chadwick, an expert gardener, teaching Zen students and his own apprentices the principles of gardening and soil conservation at Green Gulch Farm. This program lasted a year and helped produce the present gardens at Green Gulch."




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