Alan Chadwick a Gardener of Souls

Lecture by Alan Chadwick in New Market, Virginia, 1979


Lecture 17.2, Herb Study: Angelica Archangelica, Part 2

An Introduction to Alan Chadwick's Lectures and a Glossary of Terms



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Standing next to the angelica archangelica plant, using the three stages of consciousness: concentro, meditato, contemplo, one becomes aware of the overwhelming force of the plant. Today we are capable of a wicked pretence, based ultimately on fear, that creates a barrier of thorns around us. Angelica can strengthen the human spirit and help conquer this fear. Questions and answers: When is the best time to dry the plant? At full development, but not waiting for yellowing, and before the blossoms break, possibly in April or May. The seed is ripe when it begins to flutter. Use the roots at the dormancy after the first year. Can be tricky to dry it. The protective power of bloom on fruits and herbs. Plants are never dried in direct sun. Potatoes left in the sun can turn them green, and this is poison to many people. The astrological configurations govern our personalities. Alan Chadwick is under the sun in Leo, and he is impossible. (19:13)



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