Alan Chadwick a Gardener of Souls

Lecture by Alan Chadwick in New Market, Virginia, 1979


Lecture 18.1, Herb Study: Borago

An Introduction to Alan Chadwick's Lectures and a Glossary of Terms



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Contents of this Segment:

Borago is treated as an annual. Its etymology is uncertain. Grows in any soil, but prefers dry rather than wet. Produces silica similar to horse tail. Related to anchusa. Medicinal uses: circulation of blood, compress, and it can induce a cheerful mood. Blooms early in the spring and late into the fall, and therefore acts as a leader to other plants. Life gives life, and death gives death. Flowers can be used in salads, the leaves in cool drinks. Birds like the seeds, and bees are attracted to the flowers. Easy to grow and self sows prolifically. Builds soil and compost. Can work very well as a lea crop. (13:59)



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