Alan Chadwick a Gardener of Souls

Lecture by Alan Chadwick in New Market, Virginia, 1979


Lecture 21.3, Plant Study: The Bean Family, Part 2

An Introduction to Alan Chadwick's Lectures and a Glossary of Terms



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The scarlet runner bean can be planted on both sides of the fence. Highly productive and without strings if harvested at the early stage. Sow in April or May in slightly depressed trenches. It is a perennial which can be lifted and stored during the winter, like the dahlia, if winters are severe, but plants sown from seed are more productive. Preparation of the trench and fertilizations for the Scarlet Runner Bean in stratifications. When growing for seed, cultivate separately, in lean soil, and only allow the fourth, fifth and sixth bean to form. Allow them to ripen to the fullest extent possible. Dry them on wire screens, left in the pods unless there are signs of decay or moisture. Growing vicia fava for seed production. Trusting in the wisdom of nature and allowing a range of specimens for taking seed. Dwarf, Bush, and Climbing Beans. All annuals with rapid development that can produce within eight to ten weeks from sowing. (20:57)



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