Alan Chadwick a Gardener of Souls

Lecture by Alan Chadwick in New Market, Virginia, 1979


Lecture 22.4, Plant Study: The Rose, Part 3

An Introduction to Alan Chadwick's Lectures and a Glossary of Terms



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Contents of this Segment:

The technical procedure for budding roses. The importance of good drainage. Heavy soils are better than light soils. Avoid compost and leaf molds. Each year, top dress with well composted manures. When planting the rose, place a large bone at the bottom of the hole. Interplanting with alliums is a good idea. A mixture of plaster and sand is also very helpful for rose growth and longevity of blooming if placed in the hole when planting. Protection from winds is advisable. The pruning of climbing roses. Take the old wands (four year old) out down to the base, and remove the weak tips. Apply manure dressing on scarified soil in the spring. The difference between modern commercial roses and plants grown according to classical procedures. Questions and answers: The watering of roses. One particular rose variety that grows in the shade. Ideal varieties for cutting. Be sure that the roses never run short of water, but do not saturate. The best varieties for taking rose hips. (23:21)



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