Alan Chadwick a Gardener of Souls

Lecture by Alan Chadwick in New Market, Virginia, 1979


Lecture 8: Fertility, Part 5

An Introduction to Alan Chadwick's Lectures and a Glossary of Terms

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Application of chemicals to soil creates the illusion of fertility which actually destroys the latent fertility in the soil. Chemical agriculture creates a soil that, like white bread, is devoid of strength and nutriment, thereby causing the need for insects to feed voraciously because the do not get the nutrition that they need. Out of despair, they breed in a frenzy to preserve their species in the face of declining quality of food supply. This creates what is commonly called pests and disease. Protein as a vehicle of cosmic forces. Atmosphere and environment are integral to fertility, and therefore must be in health or fungus and disease impinge on the life of plants in the garden. Weeds, birds, bees in harmony with nature and fertility creation. That which first appears negative can be quite otherwise upon deeper reflection. (10:29)



Full Text of this Lecture Segment:



New Market, Virginia, 1979, Lecture 8


Fertility, Part 5



... So when you put this on the ground, you’ve done it to produce a bunch of plants. And you do. You won’t fail, you’ll produce it. It doesn’t pertain to anything because that which you put on the soil is not transformation, it’s not metamorphosis. And metamorphosis is what food is into energy. It is what the plants get, hunt for in the soil. It’s metamorphosis all the time. This is not metamorphosis. In this, you induce the plant to take everything that is of nature immediately and eat it out of the soil ravenously, like a city magnet, and put the millions in the bank for themselves. "Oh, then, I will let you have little bits, if you would explain to me that you’ve got a good purpose. I will support you with a little."

Well, that produces exactly the same as you would buy white bread at the emporium. Something with nothing in it, slightly poisonous, deleterious, and compact into everybody’s insides until they are ill. That produces that in the plant. The plant becomes that in its texture and its juices, in its performance. And when those things of God’s creation, the grasshoppers, the birds, eat the leaves and the plant also, they do likewise. And so they breed like lunatics, because of their fear, inwardly, the cosmic fear of death, of end. And the word pest has entered the scene. That is where all pest has come from. That very briefly, very briefly, is that. You have destroyed the creations of fertility that are in the soils and are in the atmosphere. And you can almost de-create them totally, but for totemism always sweeping in.

Now, in your own performance in the fertility in the garden, you will still find what you would call the entry of disease, the entry of illness and darkness. Let us look at it, for this will explain much to you, to your comprehension. If you will perceive and not know. We spoke, did we not, of the energy that enters from paradise, through seed, into a germinated plant? And that we said that energy, first created, is that energy. That that energy in that seed, is, as it were, the cosmic force for its vital performance throughout its period of cycle of transformations in this earth. Do you follow that?

And that we said that it was very much situate together at the crown presentment or the collar, the plant. Now, when you perceive... Let us call that content “energy.” I won’t go on calling it energy, I will call it protein, because that’s one of the words that we’re using today for it, one of the words. As that plant grows you realize, do you not, that the atmosphere and soil and the environment must contain a certain fertility to make that performance of that transformation of that plant—transformation being metamorphosis—the metamorphosis of that plant growing more leaves, that become then, stalks, that become flowers, that become seeds. They’re all metamorphosis. We talk of them with different names, but you see, they’re all connected just as the insects and butterflies are, with us.

[ ]

Now perceive, that that protein is held in an area rather like our diaphragm, and that the cosmic is flowing through it, and that it is introducing itself into the growth of the metamorphosis of the plant. It is going up the stalk, gradually into the leaves, into the blossom. And something then must happen. We perceive, we can’t comprehend it, it’s secret. But, perceive this: that if that fertility… And you see what man is doing in agriculture, what he is doing over the whole of the environment of nature, to the soils, to the forest, to the waters. Now, perceive that if there is not that nature of fertility… And I am talking about an elevé of fertility, not necessarily a quantity of fertility. You can get it in gravel. You can get it in rock on the mountains, where all the trees will grow perfectly.

So I’m not talking about quantity, I’m talking about an elevé fertility. That if that fertility, in the soil, in the gases, in the atmosphere, in the environment, is not elevé, but goes in the opposite direction, of dis-elevé, of descent, those little particles of protein in that plant will suddenly become disassociated from each other as a group in their approach through the plant. And you will get one, separate. Instantly it happened. You have turned day into night. It’s happened. It is the element’s duty to sweep in and be animos, enemies, no longer friends. And that is disease. We call it fungus, we call it endless names. All those different names are hallucinations. They don’t matter; they’re all one label. This is fertility. Do you see the enormity of this subject? And you see how much it’s connected with us.

Now, you see all of that can form the most monstrous performer of mis-agriculture. Do you see, all the time, the re-performance of the weeds, the re-performance of the birds, the annual re-performance of the bees in their obedience to their great cosmic ruling? They’re all showing, not us, what to do, but that by doing what they must do, what is obedience, what is the result? Fertility! So, they’re an incredible example. And therefore, if you let loose a lot of children in a garden, with a little bit of [ ], they must take the seats at the table as apprentices of themselves.

Therefore do you see how important it is to comprehend that this fertility we’re talking of is a marriage. And that we are adamantly, incredibly adamantly… Is it possible to say that God prays? Perhaps we’ve almost been brought to such a wicked suggestion or hallucination. But we are adamantly a participant of an exquisite, divine, creative force.

What we might look upon as gauche and crude, the whole looking at cactus in a desert, that forms on plants, the excruciating matters concerning manures, the killing of an animal for a reason...






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