Alan Chadwick and Joseline Stauffacher in Santa Cruz

Alan Chadwick a Gardener of Souls

Nancy Lingemann Remembers Alan Chadwick, Part 5


This is the final part of an interview with Greg Haynes in March of 2014. Nancy describes the condition that she found Alan in after he had been fired by the University of California at Santa Cruz for highly dubious reasons.

After milking his idealism for five years, the the provost of Crown College at UC and another ambitious individual mounted a campaign to oust the one person who should rightfully be recognized as the father of organic agriculture in the United States.

Alan never fully recovered from the cruel and shabby treatment that he received from UCSC. It was heart-rending to see the toll that it took upon his joy for life, his idealism, his temperament and his health. Anyone who appreciated what he had achieved at so great a cost to himself was and is still appalled by that political intrigue. Nancy is very articulate in her expression of what she observed in Alan as a result of those events. (8:59)



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